Setting Up a Green Screen with OBS Studio

How-to Setup OBS Studio for Green Screens

Steve Smith demonstrates how-to setup OBS Studio with a green screen.

Episode #7-12 released on November 19, 2016

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I've talked this season about green screens in XSplit Broadcaster, but some people may prefer to use OBS Studio, this tutorial explains how to use the green screen functionality in OBS Studio. Keep in mind, this is dynamic background replacement, and not post production, so this is great for streaming live game play, or shows, but only if your computer is powerful enough to play games, exchange the background, and compress the video stream. Your mileage may vary.

This tutorial suggests that you are already aware how to use OBS Studio, but if you don't we have a tutorial for that already ready at Review that video before starting out to do green screen video capture.

If you have a green cloth, or wall behind you, be sure to light it up uniformly. The more uniform the lighting of the green screen, the easier it will be to achieve. Remember, this is dynamic green screen replacement. Once it is setup, it works, mostly.

Provided, you are lit up, and your green background of choice is lit up universally, the choice of camera does not quite matter. Once the camera is setup in OBS Studio, click on it in sources. Right click it, and select filters. Click the plus sign in effects filters, that is on the bottom left side. Select Chroma Key, then give it a name. We will name it green screen in our case. The key color type for a green screen should be set to green, then adjust similarity, smoothness, and key color spill reduction as needed. Keep in mind, the actual preview screen will show you a move relevant preview than the filter screen.

When you are done, click close. Then you can either start recording or streaming your video online to your own heart's joy and excitement.

Happy green screen streaming.

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