What is a Back Door?

Deceptive use of Technology to Spy on You

Steve Smith talks about the invisible door Governments and Police want to spy on you, and usually without a warrant; and why it can never be completely safe from misuse.

Episode #7-15 released on December 10, 2016

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There are a lot of non-technologically savvy politicians around the world right now. And, there are plenty of government police agencies that take advantage of this. The biggest issue is the terminology is not always clear to the common person either. Today, I explain to you what a back door is, in relation to technology, so you consider your next vote more carefully in the next election where you live.

First, how about we compare it to your home. A back door is yet another opening in the code, like an extra window or door. We all know, the more windows and doors a home has, the more air can escape, insects come in, and the more opportunities a criminal invade our personal space.

Secondly, this is usually an opening in the code that is meant to be secret, but can be discovered either by accident, found out through information sharing, or through theft of information from people holding the information used to access the back door.

Thirdly, back doors, can exist in software, and hardware. Various kinds of back doors have been discovered in things as supposedly innocent as computer and networking hardware. This makes just changing the software an almost pointless endeavor, in many cases. They can exist in the math used to create the encrypted information used by hardware, and software. Back doors can exist as either a deliberate opening, or a weakness in the code. This can allow anyone, not just law enforcement, to access the information, if they so wanted it. It is no longer a matter of if, but more a matter of when someone will attempt to access your personal information.

Now, as I said last week, this is something every government wants, and so does every malicious hacker. No hole in security is safe, and the consequences will be self-evident. The only way to defend against this, is the fight governments who would allow your personal life to be terrorized by their acts, and to not purchase weakened devices, even if this means you import them yourself from elsewhere.

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