Windows 10 Creators Edition Crashes PCs

Microsoft Has Yet Another Buggy Update

Steve Smith talks about the Creators Update and Why Microsoft says to wait before updating. Also, provides advice before updating for those who won't listen anyway.

Episode #7-35 released on April 29, 2017

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When it comes to Windows 10, a lot of people hate updating their computer. It is especially annoying when the update is forced, and not at a good time. And, while I can spend all day talking about how updates are important, the importance of setting accurate active hours, and even how to avoid many updating hiccups without hacking Windows 10, updates are the only way to keep a system up to date.

So, when Microsoft says do not update your system manually, there is a good chance, the reason is valid. Currently, the Windows 10 Creator's Update is available for manual update for anyone, and as a suggested update for those systems that Microsoft believes should be able to handle the update without any issues, normally newer systems.

Now, let's start by stating something important, unless you are prompted to update to the Creators edition, do not update to that edition, yet! Microsoft is currently blockading machines that won't be able to run the new version without issues because of hardware incompatibilities. Newer systems that are less likely to have issues are the first ones getting updated, before older machines because the newer hardware has newer, and more compatible drivers, too.

According to statistics, ten percent of machines already have the creator update installed. You may yet get the update, once Microsoft is convinced that it won't crash your system, however, there are some precautions you can take if you decide to update to the Creator Update, when it is available, or manually update to the Creator update before advised. This advice starts with easily the most important advice I can give you, make backups of your data. Also, make sure you have a non-creator update version of your Windows 10 operating system available, in case you need to reinstall Windows 10. Having access to a second computer is, also, a good idea, in case you need any specific drivers or troubleshooting help during your Creator Update attempt. And, as a final note, unless the computer has crashed, avoid cancelling or turning off the computer during the update process.

Now, do I recommend upgrading to the Creator Update? No, it is buggy, and you probably don't need it. Wait for everyone else to use it, and wait for all the bugs to be worked out. Only computer enthusiasts should try running the update before anyone else. We are more likely to find the solutions to issues, and are usually able to repair our own computers.

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