Net Neutrality Win in Canada

Major win for Canadians, and Telecoms are Livid

Steve Smith talks about the latest win in protecting net neutrality in Canada, and what it means for Canada, and other likeminded countries.

Episode #7-34 released on April 22, 2017

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April 20, 2017, the CRTC makes a land mark decision, counter to the decision of the USA's FCC, telling all ISPs that Net Neutrality shall stand as is, and the status of dumb pipe that all ISPs, currently have, must be retained. But, what does this mean for Canadians, and other countries that continue to preserve net neutrality in this way?

I've talk about Net Neutrality before, I even have an experiment that I talked about that you can do with your own router, too. Net Neutrality is immensely important to the way the Internet works, how we communicate, competition, the free exchange of ideas, etc. The Internet, as is, is responsible for the creation of self-sustaining economic change in all the places that it exists. It allows for job creation, ease of communication, the exchange of world news across the planet, etc. It is considered a fundamental right, and with the way many companies and governments work these days, it is vital to how we function as a society, and interact with many organizations and businesses.

It is no surprise that people are willing to fight big telecom, to preserve the Internet, as is. And, while, big telecom may continue to try fighting us to break with the tradition, we need to keep the good fight going. The decision taken by the CRTC, and many other governments around the world are but temporary, and every individual must continue being vigilant as businesses attempt to pry our wallets open, and destroy competition, and once we lose choice, it is lost forever.

If you are currently in any country, like the United States, where Net Neutrality is currently being destroyed, you must fight against the waves, and protect your ability to communicate freely, to have competition, choice, etc. Because when the Internet is broken, you won't be able to do any of that, and the results of that can be detrimental to the economic exchange of the surrounding area. You don't need to go far to see what the Internet does for people, you can easily Google the Internet Access and Economic growth for yourself, or any other similar query. That itself will prove to you, that I and many others are right. The Internet, as it is, enables a better world, a smarter world, a connected world, and more importantly, a world where rights and freedoms exist for more and more people, regardless of gender, race, color, orientation, etc. Eventually, everyone will be accepted, and everyone could benefit positively from the free exchange of ideas, and all the economic positives of such a world.

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