OurMine Hacked MCNs, Not YouTubers

Hacked Multichannel Networks Compromises Partners

Steve Smith talks about OurMine, YouTubers, and MCNs, and who really was hacked and compromised. Provides a possible solution to avoid this fate yourself.

Episode #7-33 released on April 15, 2017

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OurMine has been in the news recently for, supposedly, hacking YouTube Accounts, yet again. I am using the word supposedly to demonstrate a very important point of fact, they hacked one or more multichannel networks in this latest breach. We can safely say this because virtually all the current hack titles and descriptions of videos belong to Studio 71, or other Multichannel networks. Now, while that may seem more impressive, it means the scale of the attack is smaller, and by far less impressive. Any security conscience YouTuber, even with a weak password, could easily prevent this kind of attack if they, also, used two-factor authentication, which is easy to use and implement on YouTube, as it stands.

Is there a solution to this? Well, OurMine thinks so, and so do I. The issue isn't necessarily with each individual YouTuber, unless, you have a weak password, and don't implement two-factor authentication. The issue is with the multichannel networks that need better security practices when it comes to the tools available to them to edit the titles and descriptions of the shows, and any other abilities they may currently have. This does mean, that does YouTubers that are currently the safest, are the ones who have strong password skills, two-factor authentication and do not belong to a multichannel network.

Which brings me to my next point. You don't have to be part of a multichannel network to make money, like it was once required. You don't have to be part of a multichannel network to gain views, it is possible to do so by yourself. Multichannel networks do not shield you from copyright strikes, harassment, etc. In fact, unless you are in the top tier of a multichannel network, you don't gain any advantages of non-multichannel network YouTubers. And, you lose a part of the income that would have been yours in the first place. If you are still interested in being part of a multichannel network, shop around, negotiate for the best terms, demand everything in writing, and consider they are, also, trying to make money on your back, not on your behalf.

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