Dealing with Pesky Blue Light Before Bed

How F.lux helps you sleep at night

Steve Smith talks about F.lux, a program designed to deal with blue light related sleeping issues, while letting you get work done, before bed.

Episode #7-36 released on May 6, 2017

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We all use computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Today, I will be focusing on the computer and laptop side of things, and helping a few of you out with a critical issue that has us staying up at night, and taking a lot longer to get to sleep.

Computer screens emit a wide gamut of light, including blue light. Each wavelength of light has a slightly different effect on the production of the hormone, Melatonin. Blue light has the most effect of the production of this hormone.

Now, we told to stop using computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. for a minimum of one hour before bed, and to avoid using them in bed. Being as it is 2017, and the odds of anyone following that advice is virtually zero, for those who use a computer, the next best thing is the program F.lux.

F.lux is a program that changes the intensity and color spectrum of the images you are looking at on the screen of your computer to minimize the harm done by blue light, helping you sleep a little faster. Obviously, the effect depends on the person, but the settings are adjustable, too.

How does F.lux work? We'll it is based on your position on the planet, and the time of day. It adjusts the color of the screen to match with the light spectrum outside, while respecting your desired day and night settings, as well. The first step in the program is to adjust lighting for day and night. My day is set to 6500K and my night is set to 4200K. The second is setting up your location. And the third, is the transition speed from day time lighting to night time lighting. You have a fast mode which does it in 20 seconds, and a slow mode that does it in 60 seconds. I presume it is not to shock your eyes from the instant color change.

F.lux launches when Windows starts, so it is a set and forget kind of application that will continue to help you out with your sleep throughout the entire time your computer or laptop has it installed. Set and forget is the best way to make sure anyone who has it, uses it. It is the same advice we use for backups because most people forget to make backups and end up losing many important files.

Are there issues with using F.lux? Yes, if you need color accuracy for your work, you will have to remember to disable it which in Windows, at least, only requires you click on the ALT-END keys to turn off for an hour, you may, also disable until sunrise in the application menu available from the taskbar. Some other settings can be unsettling like darkroom mode, and while I will say sure it is the right color, having studied in photography myself, it is what I studied in college, I would never trust have an application to make sure the right colors appear on the screen, especially if Windows has a crash, which would override the settings and destroy any black and white photographs. As for color photographs, any color will destroy the negatives and the paper, those require complete darkness. There is, also, a movie mode so you may watch movies, and updates can be applied automatically.

F.lux is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, as well.

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