Connecting Synergy Client to Server

Successfully Connecting Synergy Clients and Server

Steve Smith explains why you can't connect the client computers to the server computer using Synergy, and gives you the mystery solution.

Episode #7-37 released on May 13, 2017

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Synergy is an amazing program that allows us to use a single mouse and keyboard for multiple computers across Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Pro version even has SSL supported, amongst other details. Today, we answer why you can't connect to other computers as easily as you presumed with a short demonstration and explanation.

Synergy and Synergy Pro, exist in both a server and client mode. While, you must configure both, most of the work is dedicated to the Server end. This is where most of the problems and issues originated, to be completely honest.

Let us deal with the client, which is a computer you can use a server keyboard and mouse with. Enter the server IP under client, and make sure client is checked off. The server computer has a bolded IP address in its Synergy client application, that is what you enter in the client box for Server IP. Capture the Screen name, you will need it for the Server portion of Synergy. That is basically it.

The Server option is a little more work. Make sure Server is checked off. Click configure Interactively. Drag a new screen in a position related to the center display. The center display is the server computer. I placed mine above because of preferences. Double click the icon. Give the client computer a Screen name. Under Aliases, entered the Screen name of the other computer and click add. Then click ok. You repeat the same process for each extra computer you want to add, as well. When you are done, click ok to exit the Server Configuration. Click Apply, and provided each client and the server application of Synergy is running, everything will now connect. If the screen name of the client is not added as an alias, the server computer will detect it, but treat it as an invalid connection, causing errors.

There may be some confusion about the Interactive Setup, which only shows someone did not thing of this. You get to give a nickname in the screen mapping setup for each PC, they call it a screen name. The screen name of the client computers is considered the Alias for the Interactive Setup. Hopefully, this helps with some of the confusion.

That is how you get Synergy and Synergy Pro to work, correctly, with the least amount of hassle possible.

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