10 Tips for dealing with Facebook Privacy

How to clean up your profile before your boss sees it

Steve Smith talks about Facebook Privacy settings, and how to clean up your public profile in 5 minutes or less.

Episode #7-05 released on October 1, 2016

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Every few weeks or months, we hear about some socially unacceptable action taken by a person, like duct tape around a dog's mouth, or some person bragging about robbing a store on Facebook. Now, while those cases will never disappear, we also hear about how others are mistreated by society for doing normal things, as well. Some people are immediately harassed for their opinion on a conversation between them and their friends. It is important to note here, that my point is that a lack of privacy settings knowledge is actually to blame. While, Facebook will make money on your back anyway, the important detail you need to learn is how to make your profile private, or at least as private as you intend.

This is, also, useful if you are applying for jobs and do not want your future employers, or maybe even current ones, knowing how rude, weird, awesome, or idiotic you are. No judging, but you must keep the partying, usually, on the private side.

First, step, sanitizing the wound. While, the best wisdom is to get all your messages one by one privatized, there is a faster way. On a desktop, click the lock icon with the three horizontal bars, then see more settings.

Second, who do you want to see all your future posts? Select the group, I chose friends, except restricted. It is important to note, restricted friends can only see public posts, or posts with their name tagged. This is a good way of controlling unknown people on your list, because you get to control what they see.

Third, review all your posts and things you're tagged in. Use it, it's very useful tool.

Fourth, limit the audience for old posts on your timeline. With a click of a button, all your posts will be restricted to friends, who are not part of the restricted friends list, but will allow people who are tagged to see your message.

Fifth, who can contact me? This relates to who can add you as a friend on Facebook. I keep my lists small, and because I already have a public page, its set to friends of friends.

Sixth, you can control who can look you up using your email or phone number. The safest, again, only your friends. And, you may want to prevent search engines like Google from indexing your profile, too.

Eight, make sure all your photos are for friends, or private. This does not work for your header and profile picture. For those, use normal, non-offensive pictures that any employer will accept.

Nine, your friends list. Unless you looking to compete against others for most number of unknown people on your Facebook friends list, no one needs to see it if they aren't your friend. On your profile, click the top link marked friends, then the pencil button, which edits the settings. You can select who can see your friends list, and who can follow you. Mutual friends will see that they have mutual friends.

And lastly, ten, your future posts. When posting a new message, the box that selects the group of people you want to talk to, reflects your last choice. If you change it, be mindful of that next time you post. If you want to tell the world something, that is your choice, but not everything needs to be public, like the number of times you puked after drinking alcohol.

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