5 Things You Can Do with YouTube

Features that make YouTube Useful

Steve Smith talks about features that makes YouTube useful, and easier to use for everyone.

Episode #7-01 released on September 4, 2016

Watch on Youtube

The most popular video web-site on the Internet is without doubt, YouTube. However, there is much more than just hitting play for videos that you can do to entertain yourself.

YouTube Repeat

If you really love a video, music video, anything on YouTube, you can listen to it on repeat by using YouTube On Repeat. Works great for myself when I have a train of thought and want to continue holding onto everything responsible.

Live Streaming Events

If you are a gamer, want to start a live talk show, have a company event you want to show off, YouTube has the functionality to allow you to not just post videos of the event, but to stream in real-time, and even allows you interact with the audience.

Edit Videos

If you are creating videos for YouTube from your phone, or a camera, and are just starting, or donít have many skills in editing videos, you can use the YouTube Video Editor to create better videos, cut parts out, and more. This is definitely an easier way to start out, and does not require any downloads, either.


I listen to a lot of music, most of it usually the same artists. I have a lot of shows I like to listen or watch, and there is a lot of content that you want to group together in a logical or relevant order. With YouTube Playlists, you can do just that.

Rent/Buy Movies

The world being connected is awesome, and mobile devices do not have a lot of space, YouTube has you covered. Whether you buy or rent from Google Play, or actually search for the movie when it is out on YouTube, and either buy or rent it. Depending on available options.

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