5 Tricks for Better Reports and Blogs

Tips and Tricks to make your School Reports and Blog Posts Better

Steve Smith talks about 5 tips and tricks to make better reports and blog posts.

Episode #7-02 released on September 11, 2016

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Whether you are an avid Internet user, or a student, there are plenty of things you can do to make doing essays, and writing blog posts, easier. Today, I talk about 5 shortcuts and tricks to make your life easier when writing, editing and researching your topics.

The first thing every blogger and student needs is a better way to do research. Yes, I know Google is amazing, but do you know what is better than Google? Google Scholar. If you are a student, you know your teacher wants valid sources, and this is by far more accurate, donít forget to look up sources of any articles you find. If you are a blogger, I want you to remember, accuracy of source counts more than your opinion. If your opinion is based on a lie, or misinformation, you wonít be taken seriously. Be at least as accurate as the day you publish.

The second tip is when you are looking at articles, if you accidently delete the tab, simply click Ctrl + Shift + T, it will reopen the tab you just closed.

Third, if you want to save a picture on Google, click alt and click on any Google Image to have it automatically saved to your computer. Then you can add it to your blog, or report. Remember to cite sources of your images, just as you would any text source.

Fourth, if you want to copy a portion of text from a web-site to a report, there is nothing more annoying than importing the text formatting it had on the web-site. Next time, when you paste text from a web-site, use Ctrl + Shift + V.

And lastly, while writing things down does help us remember more information, many of you will use a laptop to take notes, consider using a weird font, as the uniqueness of it will help you remember more information.

Source for all these from 1000lifehacks.com #445, #486, #630, #966, and #1248. If you are looking for more life hacks, head over there, and have fun, plenty of information, tricks, and tips, some of which may appear in future episodes, as well.

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