Tips and tricks for your Steam Games and Applications

Steve Smith explains 5 tips and tricks you can use with your Steam Client, and adds a bonus tip for your Steam Games.

Episode #7-50 released on August 20, 2017

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Whether you have a Mac, Linux, or, of course, Windows, Steam is a great for gaming, applications, and more. But, did you know, you aren't limited to just downloading the game, here are 5 things you didnít know, you could do with Steam.

We all know we can buy and download games on Steam. When we format our computers, we can even redownload the games. However, to say that this is plausible for everyone, considering in some places Internet is expensive, is ignoring the truth. Behold, the ability to backup your games on Steam. In Steam, right click the game you want to backup, you will notice you can backup more than one, but I do suggest only doing one at a time, and then click next. Select the location you want to backup to. Select the file size, I select DVD, but you can, also, select CD, or create a custom size, then click next. Now your game is going to be backed up. And, you can, also, burn them to optical discs, too.

Now, backing up your game is one thing, but restoring your game is another. To restore a game, go to the menu Steam, in the top left. Click on backup and restore programs. Select Restore a previous backup. Click browse and find the game or application backup, the click next. Follow the instructions, as these will reinstall the game or application to your computer.

Sometimes games do not want to work, the game is buggy, something is happening, and it is possible that it has very little to do with the game itself. Well Steam offers a wat to verify if the game installation is the problem. Right click the game tile in Steam, select properties, go to local files, and click Verify Integrity of Game Files. If the game files are corrupted, Steam will fix the game for you.

Want to play the game in a different language, right click the game tile, go to properties, select the language tab, and select amongst the available languages. Disclaimer: this will only work for languages that the developer has coded for, if the language you desire is not there, it won't be possible to play in that language.

Buy game once, share with others. Yes, it is possible to share your games with friends and family, how? Log into their computer, and enable Family Library Sharing. This is under view, and then settings, go to Family. You only need to Authorize Library Sharing on the computer, too.

Bonus tip: If you head over to https://www.gog.com/connect, and have an existing GOG account, and a public profile on Steam, you can get some of the games you paid for by GOG for free, and DRM-free.

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