5 My Computer Google Searches

Common Computer Issued Searched on Google

Steve Smith talks about 5 common computer issues people search for on Google.

Episode #7-46 released on July 15, 2017

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Today, we have a simple episode, 5 questions you can get typing in My Computer into Google Search. I will rapidly address each of them, since some of them are relatively the same cause.

The two first questions are basically the same, why is my computer slow, or lagging? There can be several things that happen to computers that make this an issue. Computers can last a long time, but the software is updated and patched over time. Some software applications are upgraded with more features over time, and the installation and uninstallation of software leaves traces behind. The computer storage solution can get full, and older updates that aren't removed can, also, slow computers down in various tasks. A clean install for any operating system that has been around for a while is a good idea.

Sometimes the reason your computer is slow or lagging, is because of thermal throttling, an event triggered by excessively high temperatures of computer components. This can be caused by inadequate cooling due to insufficient airflow, or because of dirty or clogged fans and heatsinks. Consider clean dirty fans, and heatsinks, change thermal paste when necessary, and if airflow is the issue, get a better computer chassis, too.

As for the next question, why is my computer frozen, let us get the joke out of the way. If there is ice in your computer, you are doing it wrong. Besides that, computers freezing is typically a symptom of memory issues. You may have too little RAM and disk space for what you are trying to do. You may need more RAM, more free space on your disk space, or to adjust the size of your page file. It is, also, possible that the application, operating system, or file you are trying to open is simply too big, or too complicated for your system to run. This is especially possible for old computers and newer games. If your computer does not meet the minimum specifications for a game, or application, your computer will typically freeze trying to run them.

When a computer won't start, there can be many issues related to this. If the computer is plugged in, and you press the power button, and nothing happens, it is possible your computer has any number of issues. Make sure the power button cable is attached to the mainboard. If that is not the issue, check the mainboard for status lights. If the status lights are off, it is a power issue, the power supply may be the issue, or the mainboard has no power because it shorted due to a power issue. If the mainboard seems functional, then it may be other components, in most cases, the solution is to ask someone you know to check it, or bring it to a reputable computer repair shop.

Now the last seems like a joke, the result of a prank, or a severe bug. Why is my computer upside down? If the person asking is the victim of a prank, or joke, you right click desktop, select settings, go to orientation, and select landscape or portrait, and not the flipped options. If the cause is not a setting issue, check that the cable is not the issue, or the monitor. If the monitor is physically upside down, the issue is simpler to solve than you believe, lol.

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