Don't Blame Your Computer Technician

5 Reasons the User Might Be at Fault

Steve Smith talks about 5 reasons why you should not blame a computer technician for problems your computer is experiencing.

Episode #7-49 released on August 5, 2017

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There is a great deal of people out there who bring their computers to computer technicians. While, many will own up to their faults, or the age of the PC becoming a factor, there are a few people who need to learn a serious life lesson about computers, technology, software, and bad habits. So, welcome to 5 reasons why your technician did his or her job, and you really the one to blame for damaging your pc, yet again.

Computer has a virus, again!

There are two ways of cleaning a PC, if you opt for either a cleaning or a format, you may be aware of a price difference. The idea is once your computer is cleaned, not to continue with the bad habits that got you infected in the first place. If you get infected because you continue, there is little doubt you, not the computer repair technician is at fault. However, opting for a format, instead of a cleaning for severe viruses is usually a safe idea.

Hardware incompatibility

Hardware becomes obsolete, period. No matter how much you want to hold on to something you dearly love, one day, a new operating system will stop supporting it. When that happens, claiming the technician is incompetent for being unable to install that obsolete device, is not going to solve anything. If you aren't aware that technology becomes obsolete, it is because you are a novice. Admit it, own it, and learn from it. Experts were once novices, but passion got them from being a novice to an expert.

Software incompatible with computer

You want to try out software on your computer, you have it installed, and it doesn't want to work. There is a myriad of reasons why software won't work on your computer. Operating system may not support it, you may not have all the required hardware, or your current build is obsolete. None of these reflect on the technician, consider owning up to the fact that you may need an upgrade, not a different technician.

Computer suddenly stops working

It happens, computers will all die one day. Nothing can be done about it. Chances are, if you needed to get it repaired for one reason, especially if the problem is related to power or heat issues, lingering damage will affect the rest of the computer. There is nothing a technician can do except replace all the parts in question. If you are unwilling to replace everything, and your computer dies, the blame falls squarely on you, not the technician.

Files are unrecoverable

Your computer has failed, something inside stopped working. It happens to all of us. It is the reason that we all suggest backups. Hard drives can fail, houses can burn down, and computers can be stolen. Thing you must remember, it isn't the computer technicians fault if your files aren't recoverable. It is on you to have created backups. If you hard drive seizes, there isn't much anyone can do. You can try recovery services, but those cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, is your data that valuable? Probably not, in most cases. Therefore, the least expensive solution has always been maintaining a backup of your files.

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