Do Virtual Memory Issues Affect Graphics Cards?

Graphics Cards Use RAM, Not Virtual Memory

Learn why Applications Blaming Virtual Memory For Graphics Cards Issues are likely incorrect

Episode #13-08 released on October 25, 2022

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First, what does virtual memory have to do with graphics cards?

Not very much, the graphics card communicates with RAM, not virtual RAM. Virtual RAM, also known as virtual memory, is far too slow and subjected to too much latency for graphics cards to communicate directly with virtual memory, when direct RAM usage is now far faster.

Second, what can cause an application to think the issue with the graphics card is virtual memory?

This is more than likely misidentification, considering the issue has very little to do with virtual memory. The amount of available RAM in your computer dictates how much virtual memory you should have, but most setups have Windows manage virtual memory, so as long as you have enough physical RAM and storage for the configuration available to Windows, you should never actually have any issues with Virtual Memory. Consider that errors are all written by programmers, and some error messages may just be written to indicate an issue with Windows instead of the application itself. Chances are, either the application has issues, or the graphics driver does, not virtual memory.

Third, what is a possible solution for the errors?

Consider updating Windows, Application, and Graphics Driver, as these are the most likely causes of errors. Consider allowing Windows to delegate virtual memory, while the norm is half to two times the amount of RAM, there are circumstances that require more and Windows can adjust automatically, provided you have sufficient storage. And, also, ensure you have a minimum of fifteen percent storage available, or more, to allow proper operation of applications and operating system.

If you are having further issues, consider using DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller, to uninstall your graphics driver, then install the latest stable graphics driver for your graphics card. If Windows is the issue, you may have to reinstall Windows, and if storage is the issue, you can either add more RAM or get more storage for the driver that virtual memory is assigned to.

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