Why Does A Nearly Full Phone Battery Just Die?

Every Battery Will Fail

Learn why this scenario is not unique, but inevitable for everyone, one day!

Episode #13-07 released on October 18, 2022

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Your device battery is more than likely a lithium battery however this can affect just about every other battery.

What is going on when you have a nearly fully charged battery that dies nearly immediately?

What is happening is your phone has calculated the capacity based on the age of the battery and the reduction of voltage being pushed. However, if the battery has been severely degraded, the estimation can be significantly off, and this will cause your phone to simply turn off when the power expected to power the phone or device is too low to power your device in the first place.

In some devices, this triggers a safety state that turns down the voltage to the phone making it slower, something fixed simply by changing the battery, which does require special tools in phones and other devices, with exceptions for some higher end laptops that have a removable battery pack.

There are ways to mitigate the risks of this happening to you, however, this will happen to all devices with a battery, one day, and when it happens, you will have two choices, change the battery, or the less environmentally friendly option, change the device. This is due to the fact that batteries rely on chemical storage of energy, but even if it was not the case, everything that a finite life and needs to be replaced and recycled into something else.

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