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TQA Weekly Show Notes

What is Wake-On-Lan?
Remotely Powering On Your Computer

Learn about the feature Wake-On-Lan and all of its benefits.

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10 Tips: Protecting Your Information & Devices
How to Avoid Juice Jacking, Data Loss, Identity Fraud and Man in The Middle Attacks

Learn 10 methods of protecting your personal information and devices.

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Discord's Photo Sharing: Not as Private as You Think
Discord's Unencrypted Photo Sharing: A Privacy Concern

Before sharing your photos on platforms like Discord, there are several factors you should consider.

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Apple's Control Center Is Dangerous
How To Protect Your Apple Devices From Thieves

Learn how the Control Center For Apple Devices Is Dangerous

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How-to Use Apple Require Purchase Approval Feature
Layering Multiple Layers of Security to Mitigate Unapproved Purchases on iPhones.

Preventing your kids from abusing the app store to buy things without your explicit consent.

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