What is Wake-On-Lan?

Remotely Powering On Your Computer

Learn about the feature Wake-On-Lan and all of its benefits.

Episode #13-26 released on June 3, 2023

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Currently working on my smart home, and one of the coolest features you can have is Wake-On-Lan, especially for computers, because that allows you to remotely power on your computer whenever you need it.

The Wake-on-Lan feature is part of many computers and can be turned on and off by simply allowing the computer to be awakened by PCIE and having the correct ethernet connection available for that feature to work. In my case, I have two ethernet connections for my primary desktop, and only the default ethernet connection can be used for that feature, you may come into the same issues yourself. This does not require any software to be installed on your computer, and the user manual can indicate how to turn it on.

For my own iPhone, I use the Application called Wake-On-Lan, and it is free, and has a very minimal interface. Many routers, also, have the feature built in.

There are many benefits to have such a feature, such as:

Using Wake-On-Lan can be extremely energy efficient as you are not required to leave your computer on all the time. You can, instead, have the computer turn itself off or go into hibernation and simply awaken the computer on command.

It is convenient to use, and for anyone who has any mobility issues, it can help you use the computer more efficiently, just as easily as most able-bodied people. It can also be remotely operated in most cases, with the help of routers with this feature.

The next reason why wake-on-lan is useful, IT departments. Imagine being able to turn on computers, doing updates and maintenance and then closing the computer when you are done. This also means the equipment will have a longer lifespan, because the computer does not need to be left on, meaning that all data access, maintenance, and updates can be done, regardless of the initial power state of the target computer.

The final reason why Wake-On-Lan is useful is because it is also environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Computers can be expensive to leave on, having many, many computers can be really expensive. They require a lot of power, which in some cases is both expensive and the power is derived from fossil fuels, which are very expensive and bad for the environment.

If you are wondering why, you have not started using Wake-On-Lan, chances are, you were not aware of its existence. Check your computer manual, and if it is there, try it today.

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