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TQA Weekly Show Notes

What Are Three Of My Favourite Discord Features?
Learn About Safe Direct Messaging, Streamer Mode and Announcement Channels

Learn about some of my favourite features in Discord and how they can improve your experience, too.

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How to Auto Publish Live Streams Using IFTTT?
Learn about a free tool to auto-publish content.

A demonstration on how to use a free tool called IFTTT, which allows anyone to automatically publish content on many websites.

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High Lag, Low GPU Utilization, What Is Happening?
When A Game Simply Will Not Run in Real Time

Let me guess, you are trying to play a video game, and the performance is horrible, you check your graphics card utilization and see it is really low, what is happening?

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Why Do All Apps and Websites Look Similar?
How the graphic user interface changed application and web development

Learn about fundamental graphic user interface design principles that make all websites and applications easier to use for everyone, from your toddlers to seniors and everyone in between.

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Are Encrypted Passwords Safe?
Password Security Methods Explained

Learn about account and password security methods.

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