Can I Access Deleted Reddit Posts?

Accessing Posts and Comments Deleted By Users

Learn 3 ways to access posts and comments once thought to be lost forever using 3 free web-sites.

Episode #12-46 released on July 29, 2022

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Some of you have asked if there was a way to find deleted posts, comments, etc. And, the answer is yes, but it does depend on how the information you are looking for was posted, how long it was online and more.

There are several ways of looking up past posts and comments, and we will start with the simplest method, using Google. These methods are dependent are archiving and thusly only work if they are currently archived outside of Reddit.

Using Google, you can simply search for the post or comment. Provided you can find it, of course. Once you find the post, if you can, using the drop down select cached, that way you can see the older information before it was deleted.

Another tool you can try to use us Reveddit. You can search easily for content, but the information needs to be indexed, too. It is fairly easy to use and allows you to see any post you did put up. Including comments. It is simply straight forward to use, too.

The last tool suggestion I have is known as Pushshift Reddit Search. Very simple to use simply put in the information required for your search.

Is this a sure-fire way to find everything on Reddit that has been deleted, no. Reddit would have the be cached live and as each post and comment was put up, which is not necessarily feasible. It will however work for most posts and comments that were online for a short while.

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