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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Trouble Updating Windows 10 Version?
Alternative Windows 10 Version Update Methods

Learn how-to install the latest Windows 10 version, whether your installation has issues or not.

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My Device Turned Itself Off and Is Hot, What Happened?
Keep Your Device Clean, Thermal Paste Fresh and Provide Enough Air and Thermal Conductivity

Learn why thermal paste, cleanliness, airflow, and thermal conductivity are important to device performance and how to avoid thermal shutdown, and what to do about it.

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Big Business Does Not Need Your IP Address
Can A Website Identify You With A Changed IP Address?

Learn why big businesses like Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, etc. are able to figure out if you are registering a new account.

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Can You Change IP Address Without VPN?
Is Changing IP address without VPN, Proxy or Tor Possible?

Learn about various technologies that actually allow you to use a different IP address.

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Let's Talk about FLoC
The Switch From Third-Party Cookies Begins

Learn about the End of Third-Party Cookies for Advertising in Chrome.

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