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TQA Weekly Show Notes

The Lies You Are Told About Battery Duration Revealed!
Why Do Lithium-Ion Battery Durations Vary Wildly?

When purchasing a device with a lithium-ion battery, you get an expected usage time estimation that is rarely ever met, what is going on?

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Your Wi-Fi And Internet Are Not The Same Thing
Wi-Fi Is Not Internet, It Is Networking

Learn about Wi-Fi and how it has more in common with Ethernet

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How-to Get Your Own Website Online
Getting Your Website Built for Yourself or Your Business

Interested in having your own website? There are 3 routes you can go through, but the end results will differ largely.

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Are Single Sign-In Services Dangerous?
Staying Safe With Single Sign-In

Learn what you need to do to stay safe with Single Sign-In Services

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Contactless Payment Does Not Always Work, But Why?
Reasons Why Contactless Payments Fail

Learn why your contactless payment method does not always work at payment terminals.

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