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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Why Part Of Your Ram, May Not Be Accessible!
A Portion of the RAM not Usable

Learn why your computer may not be utilizing all available RAM

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The Dark Patterns Companies Use To Exploit You
Companies Use Dark Patterns To Exploit Your Emotions For Data and Revenue

The only way to avoid falling prey to dark pattern tactics is to know what they are.

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What Destroys Laptop Batteries?
What Kills Lithium-Ion Batteries

Learn what kills Lithium-Ion and Polymer Batteries Prematurely.

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Is Wi-Fi Networking Problematic?
Learn About Wi-Fi Issues and Strengths

Learn about the issues that make Wi-Fi problematic and how it is solved.

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Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card?
Beware Crypto Miners Flooding Market With Used Graphics Cards

You may be wondering if it is a good idea to buy used graphics cards.

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