My Smart Home And Security Project?

Protecting Home and Keeping My Geek Roots

Learn about my current project to secure my home with security cameras within a connected smart home environment.

Episode #12-21 released on January 28, 2022

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Smart homes and security are more accessible than they ever were before. And, with nothing to do during a pandemic, I have decided to play with the notion of personal home security and smart devices. I have started buy several devices to expand my security at home and make a smarter home. This is my impression of the smart home and what my project may turn into in the end.

The first detail I needed to deal with, was the interface with the home, and while I could have used a number of different options, I went with Amazon's Alexa because it has integration with Razer devices, as well.

The second detail was my intent with the entirety of the smart home. I do not like the idea of smart appliances like fridges, stoves, etc. But being to control the lights, smaller devices, and the television seem more realistic for myself. And considering I can remotely control them, it means that I can give the impression of being home, while being somewhere else.

The third option is even more important, it is one thing to have a remote sensor tell me something is on, but I have no proof of it. I opted for cameras with two-way communication because I can do more than just listen in, I can speak through the cameras, too. The cameras are, also, equipped with night vision so they can clearly see in rooms where the lights are turned off. All have onboard and cloud storage on dedicated networks, and all me to do motion tracking and sound detection for such things as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With sound detection and motion tracking enabled, I am always advised of any motion that occurs in my home. Usually, it is me forgetting the cameras are even there, which brings me to an interesting psychological issue that I will have to look up for another episode.

And this brings us to the final intent of my smart home project, and my ultimate goal, connecting the led strips to the motion tracking alerts in my smart home, combined with alert sirens and instant replay for anyone who trips the alarm. If you are a fan of science fiction, you may like this. My goal is to have the led lights glow red are 100 percent, while the sirens scream to the presence. Giving us the feeling of an intruder within my own vessel, travelling on a large rocket, flying at high rates through space.

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