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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Everyday Scams To Avoid
5 Every Scams You Encounter Daily

Learn About the Common Scams You Encounter Everyday

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Why Disabling JavaScript Is No Longer Viable
Why Sandboxing Websites Allows JavaScript to Run Safer

Learn why disabling JavaScript is not viable and how it was made safer to run on websites.

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How-to Block a Device's Wi-Fi Access
4 Ways To Keep People Off Your Wi-Fi Network

Learn different ways of blocking Wi-Fi access to unauthorized individual.

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What does a Fan Curve do for Cooling?
How your computer knows it is time to cool off!

Learn how your computer figures out how fast to spin each cooling fan.

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Neighbor Spoofing Robocalls
Learn Why and How-to Avoid Being a Victim of Neighbor Spoofing Robocalls

Why you are getting dubious calls from neighbors claiming to be companies doing business with you or promoting scams.

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