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TQA Weekly Show Notes

How to Replace A Built-In Sound Card in Your PC
Mainboard sound card died; can you use a different sound card?

Learn about two clever ways of replacing a defective sound card, and how to possibly diagnose the issue, too.

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My Smart Home And Security Project?
Protecting Home and Keeping My Geek Roots

Learn about my current project to secure my home with security cameras within a connected smart home environment.

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Where Does Static Noise From Speakers Come From?
We Explain why you have static noise from your speakers

Learn what you can do to mitigate static noise emanating from speakers or headphones.

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Never Allow Your Browser To Save Your Password
The dangers of improperly stored sensitive information

Is it safe to save passwords in the browser?

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Will Linux Ever Overtake Windows?
Linux will never be anything but the underdog, and this is why!

Learn what my predictions are for operating systems in the next two decades.

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