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TQA Weekly Show Notes

How-to Use Tampermonkey to Delete Every Saved Post on Reddit
The easy process required to eliminate your saved posts on Reddit

Learn the process of eliminating your saved posts on Reddit, using a browser extension called Tampermonkey and a bit of code.

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My Experience Cleansing My Social Media
The Process Required to Cleanse My Social Media Timelines

An explanation into what programs, extensions or methods used to clean my social media accounts; and a rating of the process of cleansing a social media account.

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How Great Encryption Protects the Children and Your Privacy
Encryption is Math! An Insecure Equation Exposes Everyone to Danger Online!

An explanation into the possible consequences of a world without proper and safe encryption and security methodology.

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Why HTTPS, Point to Point Encryption and Data Security are Essential!
Why Securing Communication and Data can be Daunting

Explaining why security online requires experience and a different mindset from traditionally thought coding techniques.

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Americans! Your ISPs are Lying about DNS over HTTPS, And This is Why!
What is DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and Why Do ISPs Hate it?

Learn why ISPs and Countries hate DNS over HTTPS and what all the fuss is all about!

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