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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Uninformed Companies Block Password Pasting, Why?
Companies Cripple User-Interface by Blocking Paste for Passwords

Learn about a disturbing new trend that is crippling user-interfaces and endangering users by preventing password pasting.

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Use Browser Console To Delete Saved Posts On Reddit
Another Way to Delete Saved Posts on Reddit

Learn about browser code that can delete your saved posts on Reddit, using their old site against them with the use of the browser console in Google Chrome.

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The PS/2 Versus USB Keyboards, which is better?
New USB Keyboards are great but PS/2 Keyboards have better compatibility

Learning why there are still PS/2 connectors on many mainboards.

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Should You Have More or Faster Ram?
Can Your Processor Handle More Ram?

A discussion into the realities of processors and memory addressing and why faster Ram may be better than too much Ram.

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Clean Your Electronics For Summertime
Cleaning Dust From Devices For Cooler Operation

Since the beginning of quarantine, you have shed more dead skin cells than you would normally do so at home, clean the dust resulting from that before Summertime begins.

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