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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Installed RAM In Your Computer, What Is Next?
The real reason why your RAM is slower than advertised!

Learn about an extra step most end users forget when installing RAM.

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The Making Of My Starship Themed Intruder Alert
How-to Control Alexa With Another Device

Learn how-to create your own motion activated alert at home

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Does Deleting Posts on Reddit Remove Them?
Your Reddit posts will remain available until Reddit goes offline.

Learn about Reddit posts, the process to delete them from your account, and how they will live forever, or at least until Reddit goes offline for the last time.

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Are Cloud Drives Safe For Backups?
Uninstalling Cloud Drive Software May Delete Backup

Learn why Cloud Drives should not be your only backup option when it comes to your precious data.

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Which Is Safer Sending Data By Mail or Via Internet?
Mitigating Risks For Sending Data To Another Location

Learn which method is potentially safer, and what you need to do to mitigate the risks.

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