The Making Of My Starship Themed Intruder Alert

How-to Control Alexa With Another Device

Learn how-to create your own motion activated alert at home

Episode #12-35 released on May 6, 2022

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As I mentioned last week, we are going to be talking about the process of creating your very own intruder alert in your home using nothing more than a camera with motion tracking, an Alexa device, and a LED light strip.

First, you absolutely need to get an Amazon Alexa device, for my setup, but you can likely replace that device with anything that works with IFTTT. You will, also, need an account with sendAlexaByMkzense.

Second, you need a camera that has motion tracking for this to work. In my case, I am using the WyzeCam V3 series and they are fully updated, too.

Third, you need LED light strips that are compatible with your smart home hub, in my case I have using two different kinds and all illuminate at the same time regardless.

The last thing you need is an IFTTT account, and I have talked to them in a previous episode, too. Note: you will have to login into your WyzeCam, or other, account to link the motion sensor to IFTTT and then to your Amazon, or other, account to connect IFTTT to allow for instructions to be passed over to your smart home hub.

Now, log into your IFTTT account, and look up Wyze, or whatever the manufacture of your camera is. Then, select if motion is detected, select the camera itself. Then select SendAlexaActionByMkzense and select action IFTTTrigger-1 to Alexa device, or whichever device you are using for your smart home, the number can be different.

The IFTTTrigger-1 action, or whichever number you end up using, is a virtual button that IFTTT uses to activate a routine in your Alexa or other smart home devices. It is this routine that you setup to have lights turn on, alarms, words spoken by your smart home device.

When this is setup, you will simply have to have something trigger the motion detection to have the entire sequence start. It takes less than 10 seconds for everything to occur.

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