Does Deleting Posts on Reddit Remove Them?

Your Reddit posts will remain available until Reddit goes offline.

Learn about Reddit posts, the process to delete them from your account, and how they will live forever, or at least until Reddit goes offline for the last time.

Episode #12-34 released on April 29, 2022

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This is a very important question, because many people do write posts on Reddit, then delete them, however, what happens to all the comments? Well, the comments do not disappear. And it is possible to still see the post, even after it has been deleted by the original poster.

What do you have to do you have to do to delete a post on Reddit, to make it unavailable to others afterwards?

If you are wondering what happens to the deleted posts, it becomes dissociated from your account, and inaccessible by normal sources, however, it does not stop people from accessing the post itself, even if you are no longer attached to the post.

First, we have to remember the title cannot be removed, so if you plan on deleting a post, remember the title will remain accessible, so always consider all future posts.

Second, the post itself can be edited, so consider editing the post to complete gibberish and then delete the post afterwards. The post that will remain accessible after will have the same title, but all the contents will be changed.

There is no way to completely remove the post in any guaranteed way, but at least the post contents can be altered before deletion.

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