Are Cloud Drives Safe For Backups?

Uninstalling Cloud Drive Software May Delete Backup

Learn why Cloud Drives should not be your only backup option when it comes to your precious data.

Episode #12-33 released on April 22, 2022

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We all need to make multiple backups of files, and cloud drives are a great way of having a backup outside the home, but are they enough?

When we are making backups of files, we need three copies, or more, and in two or more file storage technologies. Meaning, we can use optical discs, flash memory, hard drives, cloud drives, etc. The reason why want more than one type of file storage technology, is to reduce the risk that the technology to retrieve the files still exists when we come to access them.

Now, the particular issue with cloud drives is pretty straightforward. You are not on control of the files, you can lose access to the files, the servers containing the files can go offline, the business or division can go out of business, and software issues can make it that you lose all your files locally, too.

Now, the odds of servers going offline or a business going out of business happening with reputable companies is lower, but you are not protected from hacks, or software issues that lead to file deletion. This is the reason why you need another backup. The backup should be to another drive, flash memory or even optical discs, so that if the software has an issue, you do not lose everything.

And, if you are wondering if OneDrive, Google Drive, and other companies have these issues, they do. This episode is inspired by a person who removed One Drive from his laptop and lost 5 Gigabytes of data. In that case, they have to use data recovery software to recover the files deleted on the computer. It is beyond me why any software, upon deletion, removes any files from the computer, but it does happen, so never remove any cloud drive software without first making a backup. Lest you want to inspire another episode of my show.

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