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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Is Water Cooling Worth It?
Are Water Coolers worth the cost difference?

Learn about the different kinds of cooling for processors and graphics cards and why water cooling isn't necessary.

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Can opening an Email get you infected?
What components of an email can lead to infection and why!

An explanation into the process of infecting a computer if you open an email or components of an email and why.

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Someone registered an account with your email, were you hacked?
Dealing with illicit use of your email address

From the moment you registered your email, you will have others using your email address to register for accounts, whether you like it or not. This is how we can help curve this behavior.

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Downloaded Photograph Infects Smartphone, but how?
Did you know your computer or mobile device can be infected by a virus from a photograph?

Learn why you can no longer reliably pretend that JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. files are virus free just because of their extension.

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When Tech Support Has No Idea What They Are Doing!
When Computers Fail Right and Left

I talk about my week dealing with tech support and technicians.

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