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TQA Weekly Show Notes

How-to Clean Your Electronics During This Crisis
Learn how to properly clean your phone, earphones, etc.

During this crisis, we should be doing more than washing our hands and avoid touching our faces, we need to clean everything that touches our faces and hands.

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Cities Have Yet To Learn About Malware
Organizations need to act on the crypto ransomware threat

Canadian city falls prey to crypto virus despite all the warnings in media and available technology.

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Hey PCMR! Hardware Engineers Got Your Back!
Graphics Cards and CPU Temperature Safe Limits

I discuss the worries of PCMR, safe thermal limits and how engineers got all of us covered.

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The Age of the Everyday Stalker Has Come and It's You!
How Social Media Made Us Trained Stalkers

Listen to a rant about how we all became stalkers so gradually that no one noticed our privacy is gone.

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Did your browser just break?
Diagnose and Solve Browser Issues

Understand what needs to be done to diagnose your particular browser issue and how to fix it.

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