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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Are Spinning Hard Drives Doomed?
The Enterprise May Keep Hard Drives Alive For Longer Than You Thought

Listen to why I believe hard drives will be around for a lot longer than you would believe

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Should Laws Exist For Secure Communications?
Avoiding Secured Communication Platform Prohibitions and Regulations

Learn why we should not consider prohibition or legislation of encrypted communications, unless it makes it safer, end to end.

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Securing an Automated Home From Yourself and Thieves
Home Automation, Social Networking And Predictability Issue

Learn how to protect your home from thieves who will use predictability and social networks to verify when you are home or not.

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How To Remotely Restart Smart Home Cameras
Smart Home Hardware Reset Trick

Learn how to reset devices remotely and quickly!

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How does Latency Affect Gaming?
No Connection Can Eliminate Latency

Learn about how latency affects gaming and why it will always exist.

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