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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Can A VPN Protect You From Malware?
Learn About VPN and Malware Security

Learn about how your VPN may be able to protect you, and how it is not always true.

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Learn About The Information Access Paradox
The Differences between Opinions and Facts Broke Society

We used to believe access to the Internet and information would enlighten the world, we were wrong, and this is why.

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What is Coil Whine?
Why is your computer whining?

Learn what the whining sound is in your computer.

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Did You Turn It Off and On Again?
Learn why the most annoying IT question is actually relevant!

There is a reason why IT departments and experts always ask if you powered your device off and on again.

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5 Things Not To Do To Your PC
Never Do These Things to Your Computer

Bad Practices and pranks to avoid with your computer.

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