Should Microsoft Require SSDs as Boot Drives?

Microsoft Focusing on End User Experience

Learn how even older and slower computers benefit from the use of SSD drives

Episode #12-40 released on June 17, 2022

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I talk about storage a lot, and we all know that there are a few basic storage types, with plenty of strengths and weaknesses for each.

Now, to understand the requirement for SSD for new computers supporting Windows, we need to understand the reasoning behind this decision. Spinning hard drives are incredibly slow by comparison. The difference is night and day. You go from 45 seconds or more for boot times to mere seconds. Even on older systems, boot times and load times are a multitude of times better with SSD drives, hands down.

The better boot and load times leads to a better user experience for everyone. And the price of SSD has been dropping while storage space has been increasing time, making the SSD, not just a viable boot drive replacement, it is, also, a great data storage drive for the majority of end users.

With the replacement of spinning drives with SSDs, things like hibernation are even more convenient for the end user. SSDs are much faster and reading and writing data than spinning drives, and this means the delay for waking up a computer is so small that this very old feature is given new life with better boot times than before.

What this comes down to is this, you will likely still be able to build your computer, and still use a spinning drive as your main boot drive, but manufactures will strongly be encouraged to go the route of SSDs. This change will be specifically made for the end user experience and this kind of change will make computers feel faster because the only keeping modern computers slow at this point, is storage. Spinning hard drives are simply not fast enough to read and write data. Their strength is in sheer storage volume and cost, but the number of users that need that much storage space is shrinking by the day with the advent of always connected cloud drives.

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