What Should You Choose, Data Speed Versus Security?

RAID, For Speed or Data Security

Interested In Data Access Speed Increases or Data Security, learn how RAID 0 or Raid 1 can be that option.

Episode #12-39 released on June 10, 2022

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Whether you are using traditional spinning hard drives or solid-state drives, speed and data security are always going to be an important detail to examine. What is more important to your computer build, speed, or data reliability? When it comes to RAID, you have two options when you have exactly two drives at your disposal.

RAID 0 is an option that takes both drives and combines them together, stripping data across both. If you have two three-terabyte drives, you will effectively have six-terabytes of storage. This makes data access and writing faster than a single drive, provided the amount of data does not exceed the amount the computer can handle. This method is great for speed.

RAID 1 is an option that mirrors data on both drives. If you have two three-terabyte drives, you will have a total of three-terabytes. The data will be made redundant, there your data is safer than if you only had a single disk. The issue comes down to writing data. Each piece of data will have to written, twice. This will slow down the process of storing data without any impact to reading data.

Each type of RAID has its positives and negatives, but most importantly is the need for a backup for each option. The RAID 0 option, however, is the most dangerous configuration. The loss of any drive in RAID 0 causes the loss of all data. The loss of a drive in RAID 1, has no impact, you simply need to change the drive. Rebuilding the drive will take a lot of time. However, that being said, the loss of the RAID controller or RAID configuration, will result, in all cases, total loss of data. Be sure to backup your data.

Now, which one is better for you?

If you are a gamer, and are looking for faster reads and writes, RAID 0 is a great option.

If you are focused on data security, RAID 1 is the option you should choose. Just make sure you, also, backup the data in these drives frequently.

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