How-to Get Rid of Prying Eyes

Learn the process of securing your life

Learn the steps to blocking access to your accounts and devices from other prying eyes.

Episode #12-38 released on May 27, 2022

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If you ever had a bad breakup or separation, you may have had someone who has compromised your security and started stalking you and every message. What can you do to remedy this really bad situation immediately?

The first thing you need to take care of is your phone itself. It is possible to sync messages to several devices, so any Apple or Google accounts need to be secured immediately. Change password and remove all other devices you are not directly in control of. Turn on 2FA to prevent intrusion to account, as well. Change answers to security questions, too.

The second thing you need to take care of, email accounts, if anyone else has access to those, anyone can change your passwords and bypass 2FA.

The third thing to secure, social media. Since, a lot of people talk over social media, it is important to secure social media accounts. When available, enable 2FA. Make sure to change passwords and remove all devices you are not in control of from allowed devices.

Once that is all done, consider changing passwords to all other accounts, like websites you visit often, bank accounts, etc. Also, do the same for anything that is billing related, too. And, all your devices, too.

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