Digital Safety Advice for Anyone With a Uterus

Protecting Everyone with a Uterus in Digital Reality of Today

Learn how to eliminate tracking risks while seeking life saving procedures.

Episode #12-41 released on June 24, 2022

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We all heard about Roe Vs Wade being overturned. And now is the time we all need to act and start changing the ways we interact with the world in order to protect the rights of people with a uterus.

The following things should be done in the USA and elsewhere to safeguard every woman in our lives from the repercussions of the supreme court decision abolishing Row vs Wade.

If you or someone you know uses a Period tracker, you should absolutely delete the app. The data you or they submit can be used to track when you are ovulating, pregnant and may be used to figure out if you have had an abortion. The data is not under your control and can be given to police or Government with or without a warrant, depending on the internal policies of those companies.

Do you have a VPN, get one. Especially when you reside in any country that is unfriendly to abortions. Search terms that would indicate you are seeking one, may cause suspicion, and that evidence, again with or without a warrant, can be submitted to police or government agencies. The use of a VPN will safeguard you from harm. It is a good idea to seek a VPN which outputs to countries that are, also, friendly to abortions, too.

Geofence Tracking, is another means for police and governments to monitor your whereabouts. While many years ago this would have been complicated, nowadays, it is simple to do with our phones. If you are ever seeking an abortion, it is a good idea to leave your phone at home. It is, also, important that your ride does the same. Now, if you have issues with cameras in your city, it will be a good idea to, also, wear clothing that is extremely generic and wear a mask. You can use the Covid Pandemic as a valid reason to wear a mask, too. This means that you will be harder to track and safer for it.

It is, also, a good idea to pay cash, and not to collect points on anything associated to the purchase of any items related to pregnancy testing, to avoid data collection and detection. If possible, avoid any stores that require memberships, phone numbers, etc. If you can buy them from a store, you never use normally, that is even better, but avoid having your phone with you when you do this.

Now, some may suggest using a burner phone, which can be a good idea, however, if the phone is ever powered at your place, while your own phone is on, then they can be associated together, meaning the stealth and secrecy of a burner phone is eliminated.

For further protection, put any phones or devices into faraday cages as to prevent any phones or other devices from pinging any towers or hotspots. Do the same with all Bluetooth devices. And, if you can get a lift with someone with an older car that does not connect to any networks of any kind, do that, too.

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