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TQA Weekly Show Notes

What Happens When You Remove The CMOS Battery?
This is why you do not want to remove the CMOS battery

Learn how to avoid issues with the CMOS battery and what you need to recover from CMOS battery failure.

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How-to Avoid Being Scammed Online
Reverse Image Search Tricks

Learn why reverse image search and live images are not always trustworthy.

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Just Dusted PC, Now It Does Not Boot?
Dust Your Computer Safely

Learn what you need to do and avoid when dusting and cleaning your computers.

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How Can Internet Work and Websites Not load?
The Internet Can Stay Up, Even When Websites Go Offline

Learn why it is possible to be connected to the Internet but lose access to various websites and online services.

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Are Spinning Hard Drives Doomed?
The Enterprise May Keep Hard Drives Alive For Longer Than You Thought

Listen to why I believe hard drives will be around for a lot longer than you would believe

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