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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Do This Before Selling Your Computer!
Simple Steps to Retaining Your Privacy When Selling a PC

Learn about some of the simple steps to keeping your information out of the hand of buyers, when selling your old computer and laptop.

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Digital Safety Advice for Anyone With a Uterus
Protecting Everyone with a Uterus in Digital Reality of Today

Learn how to eliminate tracking risks while seeking life saving procedures.

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Should Microsoft Require SSDs as Boot Drives?
Microsoft Focusing on End User Experience

Learn how even older and slower computers benefit from the use of SSD drives

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What Should You Choose, Data Speed Versus Security?
RAID, For Speed or Data Security

Interested In Data Access Speed Increases or Data Security, learn how RAID 0 or Raid 1 can be that option.

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How-to Get Rid of Prying Eyes
Learn the process of securing your life

Learn the steps to blocking access to your accounts and devices from other prying eyes.

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