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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Why is My Internet Intermittent, Slow or Disconnected?
Fixing Your Network At Home

Learn why you may have issues with the Internet in your home or office.

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Does Your Game Console Need a UPS?
Your Console Deserves To Be Protected, Too!

Learn why UPS devices are great for consoles, not just your computers.

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How To Solve A Windows Code 10 Error
The Typical Causes of Windows Code 10 Errors To Look Out For

Learn about the causes and solutions of Code 10 Errors in Windows.

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Your CPU Is Tougher Than You Think
CPU Coolers Die Quickly Because of These Reasons

Learn why your CPU cooler will fail before your CPU

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Why Do Steam Downloads Take So Long?
Steam Does More Than Just Download Your Games

Learn what processing power has to do with Steam?

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