Why Do Steam Downloads Take So Long?

Steam Does More Than Just Download Your Games

Learn what processing power has to do with Steam?

Episode #13-02 released on September 11, 2022

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Are you one of those people who happen to enjoy extremely fast Internet speeds? Do you happen to, also, use Steam, too? You may have noticed that the very beginning, the speed of your download is faster then even 5 minutes later, and you may be wondering why this happens to be the norm.

There are a few reasons why downloads can typically start fast and slow down, and usually this has to do with storage, and processing power of the various components in the process of simply downloading a file. You see this, when transferring files from one drive to another, but what Steam does is a step more complicated than just downloading the game.

When you are downloading a game from Steam, is it, also, installing the game on your computer. It is for this reason that most games and applications from Steam can run almost immediately. With exceptions for third party necessities, but those are already downloaded and installed the first time you need them. The act of downloading, installing, and verifying the files takes longer to do than just downloading the file, however, Steam can fix files that do not pass verification, and the mere fact of doing it as a single action is ultimately faster. For as much as the process slows down the download, overall, it takes less time to do all three separate tasks at once. 5

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