How To Solve A Windows Code 10 Error

The Typical Causes of Windows Code 10 Errors To Look Out For

Learn about the causes and solutions of Code 10 Errors in Windows.

Episode #13-04 released on September 26, 2022

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The majority of us have used Windows, and one of the most annoying and scariest error codes we can come across in Windows, is error code 10.

The causes for Error Code 10 are numerous, but before anyone panics, the first thing you should always do is to shut down your Windows machine and turn it back on after. Do not do a restart, it is not the same thing.

After turning your computer off and on again, I want you to remember the following causes when diagnosing the issues relating to an Error Code 10 event. This error is often caused by outdated or corrupted drivers, a bad Windows startup, or hardware failed either by the device or mainboard itself.

Apart from turning your computer off and on again, there are a slew of solutions you may want to try to solve the error code 10. Starting with uninstalling the problematic drivers and installing new drivers. This solves both the outdated driver issue and corrupted driver issues that can both cause error code 10.

A bad Windows start is often fixed by turning the computer off and on again, but sometimes the issue is more profound. You may have to uninstall new software that may be in conflict or reinstall Windows itself.

Once we have passed those stages, we have two possibilities left, the hardware itself failed or the mainboard did. If the device can be unplugged and put into another port, try that out first. If the device is part of the mainboard, then you may want to clear the CMOS itself, after backing up the pk keys, encryption keys and raid settings. Otherwise, if the device itself still does not work no matter where you plug it, replace the device. If your device works in another computer but not in yours for some reason, it is possible you need to either change the mainboard or the computer in some rare and extreme cases.

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