Why is My Internet Intermittent, Slow or Disconnected?

Fixing Your Network At Home

Learn why you may have issues with the Internet in your home or office.

Episode #13-06 released on October 11, 2022

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Your connection to the world is something that we depend on, and in many cases, require to do our job. This is probably the single most important reason why many of us panic when our Internet connection becomes slow, intermittent or fails outright. Today, learn what you can do within your own home and office to make sure your devices are not the one with issues.

The first thing you should be checking, especially for wired devices, all the cables, specifically if they are loose, or improperly seated. Unplug them and plug them back in. This will reseat the physical connections. Definitely a must for all router and modem connections, too.

The second thing you should do is restart devices or computers that have a bad connection, it may be an operating system or driver issue.

The third thing you should definitely do, restart all modems and routers. When these devices have issues, they tend to become overloaded with all kinds of errors and error logs, so a reboot actually resets the modem and routers allowing them to function properly.

Provided the causes of Internet issues are in the home, then this should fix everything. Unless you have physical damage to cables or devices, or the devices are or have defective hardware.

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