Apple's Control Center Is Dangerous

How To Protect Your Apple Devices From Thieves

Learn how the Control Center For Apple Devices Is Dangerous

Episode #13-23 released on April 13, 2023

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Every mobile device has a whole list of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by anyone who gains access to your phone physically. Many of these vulnerabilities can be mitigated by following a few simple precautions, and as usual, we will focus on the iOS eco system, but many of these do have a feature in Android that can, also, be exploited.

Let us start with the Control Center. A few features in the control center are problematic, but the first one that is definitely an issue is Airplane Mode. The easiest way to find your phone would be to have you use Find My Phone, but with Airplane Mode on, you cannot do that.

The second issue with the Control Center, are some of the features, including the camera and calculator. These for varying reasons, but not limited explicitly to them, allow people to access your phone by bypassing the lock screen which can be the person who stole your phone or a jealous lover.

Another issue is widgets. Widgets can allow anyone to see private information which no one other than you should be able to see. Whether it be bank balances, etc. This could, also, allow anyone access to any information you allow, like your Calendar. If a stalker wanted to know where you were going to be, they could steal your phone, access the calendar, find out everything you were going to do and continue their assault on your personal life.

Notifications, especially notifications like text messages and messengers, this may definitely provide a lot of information about you. All notifications should be masked until the device is unlocked, including phone calls, too.

What else can be further done to protect your device? Making sure that Find My Device is enabled. Doing so will make transferring the phone to another person impossible.

In short, do not allow any private information to exist on the lock screen without the phone first being unlocked. Do not allow the control center to function with the lock screen unless you first unlock the device. Mask all notifications, no matter what they are. And, doing all this should mitigate many of the risks associated to having your iOS device or hacked.

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