Why do Bluetooth Devices Have Problems in Crowded Areas?

How Bluetooth Has The Same Issues as CD Players

Learn how Bluetooth signal issues may have similar resolution to CD Players back in the day.

Episode #13-11 released on November 15, 2022

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Bluetooth, like your Microwave, and even most Wi-Fi, function using the 2.4GHZ range. Bluetooth itself can go from 2.4 to 2.5GHZ itself. However, the issue is not the range, but the sheer number of devices operating within the range.

At home, unless your microwave is on, or other devices like cordless phones are being used, you will experience very few issues, it is generally in crowded areas that many of us may experience an issue with Bluetooth.

What ends up happening is that due to the sheer number of wireless Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi devices, and other electronics that can cause EMI we experience dropped or disrupted communications between our Bluetooth devices and our mobile devices.

This issue affects phone calls, video calls, music, videos, etc. And while making better wireless hardware may one day, temporarily, solve the issues, there is a series of issues that can be resolved by going back to the past.

You may continuously fight a cat and mouse game for live communications, games, etc., basically, anything that requires real-time interaction, but that are a number of activities like watching video and listening to music that can have the audio buffered into the wireless earpieces. If we came to the point where we could reliably engineer into wireless earpieces and software a way to buffer content that did not need real time deployment, but only had to sync up with video or the track then a portion of the issues that are short lived would absolutely be mitigated.

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