Are Memory Cards Damaged By Static Electricity?

Simple way to avoid damage by static electricity.

Learn how to avoid damaging memory cards from static electricity.

Episode #13-18 released on February 7, 2023

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We all know about static electricity and have been told over and over about the dangers of static electricity on electrical components and how much damage can occur, but what really could happen?

In the case of memory cards, the amount of damage that can occur may not necessarily be visible until you try to use the card the next time. However, a static discharge will have an immediate effect on the memory and memory controller rendering access to the files nearly impossible.

Depending on the manufacture, it may be possible to send out the card to extract the data, however, that is not necessarily possible. And there is ultimately a better idea to avoid issues in the first place.

When getting a memory card, get one that is sufficiently large enough for your tasks, and leave the memory card in the device and download all your data from the card using the device it is installed in. Doing that will actually prevent static damage as the device itself will be able to take the static charge and reduce any harmful effects in the first place. After getting the data off the memory card, via the device, I do strongly suggest that you backup data to another device, just in case, as memory cards are at this point apparently unreliable in the face of static electricity.

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