Do You Really Need A Paid VPN?

Why A Home-Based VPN Is Better For You Now!

Learn how setting up your own VPN in your own consumer router can save you a lot of money.

Episode #13-19 released on February 25, 2023

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With the advent of tools that exposed all the security risks of public unsecured Wi-Fi, we have tons of companies offering VPN services for a whole host of features, many of which are great. However, many of the great features a paid VPN has to offer are never taken advantage of by the end-user anyway.

What do you actually need in a VPN?

Especially when we are talking about a service that is supposed to allow us to securely access the Internet, banking websites, and other online services, and which might actually mitigate issues with Netflix shared password Fiasco, you need an in-home VPN.

If you have your own router, you probably have the ability to set up your own OpenVPN, Quick VPN, etc. This allows you to use your home networking router as your own VPN. And the use of your own VPN has many benefits that other VPNs cannot offer you.

The first benefit, you control everything about the connection, and you do not share the service with anyone you do not already authorize to access it. You use your own Internet, including IP address, meaning that for Netflix, you will still be home, regardless of where you are, because your end point is your own home.

The second benefit, your bank will, also, think you are home, allowing you to access them as if you were local, meaning you are less likely to experience issues with your banking website and accounts. This benefit extends to other services that link your local IP address to your location and mitigate risks based on end point location.

Third benefit, your router belongs to you. The service will not go down because of a company going out of business, and it looks far less nefarious using your own equipment to access the Internet. And setup correctly, the VPN will help protect everyone connected to it, whenever they are connected to it.

Fourth benefit, there are no extra costs related to using your own VPN. You have already paid for hardware and pay for your bandwidth already.

The biggest negative would be that you could not access content from other countries, however, you can still download a VPN application to do that, and some offer free tiers, for the content you want to watch in the first place. However, the majority of people do not do that.

And another negative, if you download illicit content via torrents or other means, you are not shielded in the same way, however, just because you use a third party VPN does not mean you would be shielded from the consequences regardless.

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