What Can You Do With Power Over Ethernet?

Power-Over-Ethernet is not just for businesses.

Learn what power-over-ethernet can do for you, your home and business.

Episode #13-17 released on January 19, 2023

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We all dream of truly wireless technology, but for the moment, various devices still need power and transmit data and footage better when connected by a physical ethernet cable. These devices often need networking cables and separate power adapters. The world of power-over-ethernet cuts the number of required cables down to one in many cases, and the usage scenarios are numerous to say the least.

What can POE do for you?

Do you have to run several security cameras and have them tethered via ethernet to your security system, where having the cameras in locations that are good for security but have few options for power delivery, then POE is for you.

POE, Power-Over-Ethernet, allows you to power those cameras in the locations you need, while, also, placing the cameras in locations that benefit you, and with the flexibility of running your own ethernet cables and having custom lengths, without the need for power adapters, you get the benefit of your standard configuration of camera, with the flexibility of fewer cables.

Cameras are not the only device that can be connected via power-over-ethernet, you can, also, connect Wi-Fi hotspots to POE, as well as other devices that can exceptionally be useful to yourself and others. These devices can include VoIP phones, IP TV decoders, intercoms, speakers, audio equipment and so much more.

There are even kits to allow you to run power-over-ethernet to devices that require power adapters that allow you to use almost any device you want in a power-over-ethernet configuration.

Now, the next time you have a project that requires a device to be in a place that is both convenient and lacks power outlets, remember, you can always use power-over-ethernet, too.

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