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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Mother's Maiden Name
The Ridiculous Nature of Today's Security

Steve Smith provides the basis for an important discussion on account and password security and recovery.

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Secure or Private?
A Discussion on what is secure, and how it is not actually private.

Steve Smith provides the basis for an important discussion, secure or private?

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Taking Your Privacy Back
Tools to Secure Your Privacy Online

Steve Smith provides tools to help protect your privacy online, and help secure your voyages onto the Internet.

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The Dark Net
Why Comcast and the NSA hates the Dark Net

Steve Smith explains what is the Dark Net, what it is by definition, and why companies and governments alike dislike it, despite it being legal in most countries.

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Firefox and MITM, Apple Sapphire and NFC, Bloatware Removal, and BSOD
News from Firefox, Apple, Windows and Reason.

Learn how Firefox 32 protects users, Apple makes better Screen and rids of need for credit cards, learn how to remove bloatware, and learn who wrote the original BSOD message.

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