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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

10 Ways Other People Can Hack Your Accounts
The many ways social engineering allows others to hack into your accounts online

Steve Smith talks about some of the many social engineering tactics some people may use to gain access to your accounts online.

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Is Your Computer Infected?
Warning to users about online and phone scams

Steve Smith explains why you should be wary of anyone telling you, your computer is infected.

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Activating NVidia SLI and Surround
The simple process of Activating SLI and NVidia Surround

Steve Smith explains how to activate and setup NVidia SLI and Surround.

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Clarifying SLI Configurations

Steve Smith explains why Quad SLI is not 4-way SLI, but 2-Way SLI with more GPUs.

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Are Wireless Sports Devices Useful?
Sports Devices Motivating or Keeping Track

Steve Smith talks about wireless sports technology being the best self-motivator to get healthy.

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