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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

The Multi-Terabyte Nightmare
The troubles of massive drive sizes, operating system support, and partitioning.

Steve Smith explains how to choose the right hard drive, how partition tables are important, which one is right for your drive, and how to partition massive drives easily, even after you already started playing with it.

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Your Computer is Always On
An explanation to why your keyboard, mouse, cellphone, and tablet still have power, even if your computer is off.

Steve Smith talks about ACPI, USB Power, Power states, and why Windows 98 was the first commercially available Windows operating system, capable of turning off the computer itself.

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Ten Dollar Cloud Drives
Examining Three Popular Cloud Drive Solutions

Steve Smith talks about Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, the free space, the features, and what you can do for 10 dollars.

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Plug it in, or Wirelessly Charge it
Tired of cables, want to charge your tablet, or mobile phone devices?

Steve Smith talks about induction charging for cellphones, tablets, and even medical devices. The benefits, the disadvantages, and how it works.

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Do you need those fancy shielded cables?
Electromagnetic Interference versus Shield Cables

Steve Smith talks about whether, or not, you actually need to buy really expensive cables for your devices.

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