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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Digital Rights Management
Copy Protection that Angers Legitimate Purchasers

Steve Smith, talks about DRM, the technology that angers legit purchasers, and gets laughed at by pirates.

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Windows 10: Disliked Features
Windows 10 Features that users hate from Privacy issues to Anti-Piracy mechanisms

Steve Smith talks about a few features in Windows 10 that break people's trust, and kills illicit software and hardware.

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Memory Leaking
Unexpected Flaw Crashing Applications Seemingly Randomly

Steve Smith, talks about how a specific type of programming flaw, a memory leak, can cause applications to crash seemingly randomly, and unexpectedly.

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Siri versus Cortana
Pinning Apple's personal assistant versus Microsoft's

Steve Smith pins Siri against Cortana to show which has the most functionality.

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What is Secure Boot?
Windows 10, and Older Hardware Support

Steve Smith talks about how Windows 10, for many users will include the possibility to run this latest operating system on non-UEFI mainboards at the cost of Secure Boot functionality.

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