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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Port Forwarding
When UPNP is Off, Punch Holes in the Firewall

Steve Smith explains what you need to know, and what goes into port forwarding.

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Fast Boot
How does one get their computer to boot faster?

Steve Smith explains how to get your new computer to boot in less than 10 seconds.

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AMD A58, A68H, A78 or A88X?
How to choose your next AMD Platform

Steve Smith takes the guesswork out of building your next AMD computer and sets you up on the right track to building a modern AMD machine.

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Intel H97, Z97 or X99?
How does one pick an Intel Platform?

Steve Smith explains what the key differences are between each of the H97, Z97, and X99 platforms, and who benefits most from each.

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5 Famous Botnets that held the internet hostage
Viruses and Botnets that infected, controlled, spammed and then held computers for ransom.

Steve Smith talks about 5 famous botnets and how many of them spammed, controlled, defrauded and even held computers for ransom.

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