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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Mac OSX, Not Virus Free
Nothing is safe, not even Macs

Steve Smith talks about MAC OSX and how viruses are actually a problem, and goes further into explaining that, virus immunity is not a valid purchasing decision, usage is.

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Unnecessarily Complicated
Bringing back logic to emails, applications, games and backups.

Steve Smith explains how to rein in control on your emails, applications, games and ultimately, your backups.

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Guide to cleaning your computer

Steve Smith talks about a last resort method of cleaning your computer of virus and malware infections.

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Is Thermal Paste Important?
What happens to a processor if no thermal paste is present?

Steve Smith talks about thermal paste, and why it is important to processors.

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Nonexistent Privacy
Every Expert Told You So, And It Still Happened! Why?

Steve Smith talks about the Snappening and the Dropbox Password list.

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