Guide to cleaning your computer

Steve Smith talks about a last resort method of cleaning your computer of virus and malware infections.

Episode #5-08 released on October 30, 2014

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Warning: This method is not fool proof, and may require a professional help due to the potential damage possible to your system from the viruses, and the removal of said virus. Only try this as a last resort, if you are unsure of what you are doing, please take to your closest computer boutique.

Your computer is infected, and honestly, I do not care what the reason is, things happen. The majority of the time the best recourse is to format your computer, and just be done with it. Use an alternative operating system to grab your files, and just format. However, this is not always possible, or viable. In some cases, maybe even your own, you have little recourse than to attempt to remove the virus yourself. I do suggest that a professional do this, and don't hate me if you try these techniques and they do not work for you, professionals know about system files and how to fix them, skills you may not necessarily have, yet!

First, the anti-virus probably told you, you have an infection, and you want to remove it from your system. Let's say your anti-virus tried but couldn't, you might consider using a tool like R-Kill. It is a tool created by Bleeping Computer, designed to terminate known malware processes. In many cases, running this tool, then your anti-virus should allow your anti-virus to remove the virus.

What happens if you are dealing with a Rogue Virus? And, your anti-virus did not remove it. Consider using a tool called RogueKiller. It can remove such infections as ZeroAccess, TDSS, rogue anti-spyware applications, and even some ransonwares.

If you are stuck with Adware, consider using AdwCleaner to delete adware, toolbars, Potentionally Unwanted Programs (PUP) and even some browser Hijacks.

Now, I, also, suggest using ComboFix, It can automatically remove a ton of viruses and infections from your PC and even leaves you a report that you can use to figure out what is left to help clean your computer. It does not work for Windows 8.1 for the moment.

Now, as a final gift, use Junkware Removal Tool, It will remove a ton of junk ware from your computer.

Now, this tools are available from the Bleeping Computer web-site, links in the show notes, and these are only to be used as a last resort. Please take your computer to a professional to be cleaned, just to be sure.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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