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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Live Streaming
What does one need to stream live game play or podcasts?

Steve Smith talks about live streaming for podcasts, and game play, and the cost of entry into the latest craze of content creation online.

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Adapter or Converter?
When can you use an adapter, or when is it appropriate to use a converter?

Steve Smith clarifies the question, adapter or converter, by explaining why we need converters, and when using an adapter is just fine.

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Over-Heated and Throttled
How-to protect your computer in summer

Steve Smith explains why the hottest period of the year can pose a risk to your computer.

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How does one remain private online?
An Interesting Thought Experiment on Privacy

Steve Smith creates a thought experiment for you to think about, one that would render all data collection methods against metadata useful, and protect communications of everyone online by making the process of decoding all messages harder by protecting past and future communications.

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PCI-E Slot Accessories Available to Consumers
What is meant to go into each PCI-E slot type available on your mainboard?

Steve Smith answers the question from fellow YouTuber, Randy Hos, asking what the PCI-E slots are made for, which accessories are meant to be used per slot type.

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